Meals on Wheels South Florida Provides for Seniors and Kids During Pandemic

Posted at 4:57 PM, Jun 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 16:57:10-04

As South Florida continues to rebound, nonprofits like Meals on Wheels are helping those struggling to make ends meet and provide food for their families. We’re in front of Holiday Tasch’s home, a senior who just received her meals for the week. She says she’s grateful for these meals every day.

“I wouldn’t be able to survive without it, honestly. Every year they cut my food stamps down. Without Meals on Wheels I’d be up the creek,” said Tasch.

Tasch has been struggling to get meals on her own for years. The pandemic didn’t help her situation.

“When I see these poor people sitting outside, and people bringing them food, I feel so bad for them. This is the way I am all the time. Without Meals on Wheels, I wouldn’t be able to make it,” said Tasch.

That’s why Meals on Wheels’ Senior Meal Program is so important.

“We’re most well-known for home delivered meals for homebound seniors who can’t get out and get the food they need. Pre-COVID-19 we had 32 senior dining sites where we offer a hot meal to over 1,000 seniors daily,” said Mark Adler, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels South Florida.

Adler says the organization has other programs. Meals for Companion Pets is a program that helps feed pets of homebound seniors. There's a shopping program, where volunteers shop for seniors who can’t navigate a grocery store, and the Summer Breakspot Program for kids.

“We feed about 22,000 kids over the course of the summer. These kids rely on the school lunch program for what may be the only good meal they get and during the summer they're left with nothing,” said Adler.

To help fund these programs, WSFL and the Scripps Howard foundation donated $22,000 to Meals on Wheels South Florida. The foundation has seen an increase in the need for food across all the communities that we serve.

“The funding is going to go a long way to help for us to continue to feed the seniors that we’re feeding now. During the outbreak we increased our home delivered meal program by 400% and some of that funding was temporary. We’ve got a lot more people on the program, so every penny that we can get helps. That donation from you all is going to bridge a huge gap,” said Adler.

Now seniors, like Holiday, will always have food.

“There’s always something to eat now, I always have food in the cabinet because of Meals on Wheels,” said Tasch.

Mike says they deliver meals every day of the week. If you’re in need, interested in becoming a volunteer, or if you’d like to contribute to Meals on Wheels South Florida click here.