Summer Tutoring Options for Kids

Posted at 4:55 PM, May 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-26 17:19:44-04

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused schools to close, forcing students to learn online and parents are worried their kids have fallen behind because of distanced learning. In today’s Rebound South Florida segment, we’re speaking to a local tutor who can help get your kids back on track before the next school year.

“Initially when this all broke out, I think it was hard for kids to acclimate to this new learning and inevitably it created a gap in their learning process because of becoming accustomed to it and learning on how to be more accountable for their work,” said Tatum.

Tatum Blacher runs Tatum’s Tutoring and, like everyone else, is trying to keep her students engaged. Since the pandemic, she has been offering her services via Zoom or FaceTime.

“I offer all math, starting from 7th grade to 12th grade. I do algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, calculus 1 and 2, then I do science, chemistry, ap chemistry, biology, and writing,” said Tatum.

With certain subjects difficult to teach online, like math, Tatum says the extra help is definitely needed.

“A huge concern from parents is taking on this burden of feeling like any extra hours they may have gotten from their teachers, in their office hours or seeing them in class, fell on them. I think that parents have been nervous about having that role, obviously so many parents have stepped up in such incredible ways, but I think that’s where I found a greater need for tutoring services,” said Tatum.

Lauren Berger is a mother of two and feels her kids have been struggling.

“Math is very difficult for me to teach. When I learned math, it was taught very differently than it was taught now. Math has definitely been a challenge and where I think we'll look for extra help for them moving forward,” said Lauren.

Like many in South Florida, this will be a different summer for Lauren and her kids.

“Usually for summer, we’re focused on camps and I will say this summer I’m definitely considering having some tutoring options. It’s not just going to be summer break, it’s going to be summer is continued learning for sure,” said Lauren.

And it’s not just the normal classroom curriculum students have to worry about, standardized testing will eventually be back too, something Tatum is really concerned about.

“I have seen in some schools the workload that they are getting, it worries me a little bit about how it’s going to prepare them for the future. I think the big thing that has been issue is testing and how that translates to Zoom and everything being electronic. I think, as much as other things hold weight in a kid's learning experience, testing is huge thing to see if students are really retaining the information,” said Tatum.

Tatum told us that students have been struggling because they are now held accountable to finish their work, forcing parents to play substitute teacher.

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