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Snowstorm could bring end to Northeast's calm winter

So far, this year has marked the second straight winter with mainly calm conditions. A major storm could change that.
Snowstorm could bring end to Northeast's calm winter
Posted at 9:11 AM, Feb 12, 2024

Parts of the Northeast U.S. are expected to get more than a foot of snow by late Tuesday, marking one of the largest winter storms to strike the area in recent years. 

The National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings for Scranton, Pennsylvania; Hartford, Connecticut; and Boston, among other areas. The winter storm brings an abrupt end to mild conditions in which temperatures reached well into the 50s over the weekend. 

The National Weather Service said a band of 6-12 inches of snow is expected from central and eastern Pennsylvania through northern New Jersey, southeast New York, and much of southern New England. Higher elevations and parts of southern New England could get over 12 inches of snow, the agency said. 

"The nor'easter will bring strong winds to the region on Tuesday, which coupled with the heavy snowfall, could damage trees and power lines. The strong winds will also bring a threat for coastal flooding," the National Weather Service said. 

Boston, which is expecting at least 6 inches of snow, has had back-to-back quiet winters. So far this winter, the area has picked up about 10 inches of snow, far below its average of 30 inches by this point in the season. 

Last winter, Boston only picked up about a foot of snow, which was down from its average of over 42 inches a season.

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Whether New York City sees a major winter storm is yet to be determined as the temperature may keep conditions just warm enough to remain mostly rain. The National Weather Service placed the area under a winter storm watch for the potential of a major winter storm. 

Manhattan has picked up just 2.3 inches of snow thus far this winter, down from an average of 18.5 inches at this point in the season. The National Weather Service says 5-9 inches of snow is possible, depending on when the rain transitions into snow.

In addition to heavy snow, the National Weather Service warned of coastal flooding. Coastal flood advisories and warnings were issued along waterways in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. 

Before the storm reaches the Northeast, the Ozarks and Ohio River Valley are expected to pick up several inches of snow late Monday and early Tuesday. 

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