This Favorite Nurse Helps Deliver Hundreds of Miracles!

Posted at 1:15 PM, Dec 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-16 13:15:06-05

Tania Bustillo is our Favorite Nurse award winner. She’s the nurse manager at Memorial Hospital West’s Labor and Delivery where they help deliver nearly 400 babies every month.

“I was excited because we do this every day. This is what I love, this is what I do,” said Bustillo.

Nurse Bustillo recently helped Marie Leon give birth to little Tycen who had a smooth birth. But, Nurse Bustillo was also there for the nail-biting birth of Marie’s first child, Tyra. Marie reminds her four-year-old daughter that Nurse Bustillo had to resuscitate her.

“She’s your guardian angel, your savior. I thank God and Ms.Tania of course,” said Leon.

But as Nurse Bustillo’s jacket reads, “We don’t perform miracles, we deliver them.” We being her staff, or work family, of nearly 100 people.

“Here at Memorial West we’re trying to do the right things for the patients. And, we do everything with pride, we love what we do. We come to work and this is what we went to school for. This is our dream, this is our goal, to take care of moms and babies and provide the best care possible. So, to get nominated, to get recognized for something that we do everyday with love and passion, it’s awesome,” said Bustillo.

"Tania is a great nurse because of her spirit, her commitment, her passion. Tania is a leader but as a leader she is also at the bedside making sure that the patients are getting all the care they need, making sure the families are well taken care of, and making sure the birth of the baby is a birth celebration, joyful. It's a family affair," said Mary Roberts, Nursing Director at Memorial Hospital West Labor and Delivery.

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