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Swift chugs beer, jumps with joy, plants another winning kiss on Kelce

Swift arrived at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas accompanied by Blake Lively, Ice Spice and others.
Swift chugs beer, jumps, and plants another winning kiss on Kelce
Posted at 5:10 PM, Feb 11, 2024

The biggest buzz in football this season wasn't even about football — it was all about Taylor Swift, and there was no way she would missed the Big Game this Sunday to support her boo.

Right after completing her journey from the Tokyo Dome, Swift was seen arriving at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas accompanied by Blake Lively, Ice Spice and others. 

Swift attended the Super Bowl to support Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, whom she has been dating since early in the season. 

The pop queen sported a black top paired with bedazzled black jeans, accessorized with a red jacket featuring the number "60" draped over her shoulder, and a gold necklace with Kele's 87 jersey number on it.

During the game, she was caught on the jumbotron chugging a beer like a champ and that quickly made the rounds on social media.

Then shortly after the Chief's won, she was shown jumping up and down celebrating, and then with the Kelce family walking down to the field. 

Of course, we all saw Kelce dash toward her after receiving the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and she planted a big kiss on him.

If you're not keeping track, this was Swift's 13th game appearance this season. The 34-year-old singer made her debut in a private box at Arrowhead Stadium on Sept. 24, 2023.

And ever since, cameras have occasionally panned to capture glimpses of the biggest pop star in the world for a few seconds.

During the Chiefs and Dolphins game on Jan. 13, Swift was featured for a total of 76 seconds, marking the longest duration we've seen her on screen, and during the AFC Championship Game in Baltimore between the Chiefs and Ravens, Swift was shown on screen for a total of 44 seconds

Throughout the entire regular season, she appeared on screen for approximately 25 seconds per game, which accounts for 0.46% of the available screen time per game which is about three to four hours, according to the New York Times.

During Sunday's game, how much screen time did she get? 

Well, with Super Bowl betting expected to exceed $23 billion, Swift bets are adding to the excitement. According to, most gamblers are betting she'll have over 90 seconds of screen time. 

By the game's fourth quarter they had shown Swift about six times, and then during the game's over time they showed her twice and a few more times during the celebratory ceremony. We just need to tally up the total seconds, but we think this might be the longest yet, especially considering her and Kelce's kiss lasted a good 15 seconds.

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