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Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health with Agape Behavioral Healthcare

Posted at 9:44 AM, Jun 26, 2024

Disclaimer: This Inside South Florida segment is sponsored by Agape Treatment Center. All opinions and views are of the advertiser and does not reflect the same of WSFL-TV.

Mental health can often come with a stigma, but our trusted mental health advisor at Agape Behavioral Healthcare, Stephanie Robilio, is determined to change that narrative. Inside South Florida's met with Stephanie to discuss how they can assist you on your mental health journey.

"Stigma exists because there's been a lack of understanding about mental health and addiction," Stephanie explains. She believes that this misunderstanding leads to judgment, which is common for humans. However, she feels hopeful as people are starting to understand mental health and addiction more, making these issues more normalized and accepted.

Stephanie emphasizes that breaking the stigma involves having real conversations about mental health and addiction. "We're teaching people that it's okay not to be okay," she says. By owning your truth and having the courage to say you're struggling, you can help reduce the stigma. Additionally, meeting others with curiosity and empathy can foster connections and understanding.

Stephanie highlights the importance of speaking up about your struggles. She notes that if we don't speak up, we carry our burdens alone," she notes. By sharing your experiences, you may find others who relate, and this connection can help diminish feelings of isolation.

It's crucial to seek professional help when needed. Stephanie assures that Agape Behavioral Healthcare is approachable because they bring humanity into their services. "Most of us know what it's like to be on the other side. We've all struggled to some degree," she shares.

For those struggling or with loved ones who are, Stephanie encourages finding the courage to make that call. "You never know; that call could not only change your life but save a life," she says.

Visit Agape Behavioral Healthcare's website at and connect with them on Instagram for daily tips on mental health, addiction, and trauma healing.

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