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Empowering Financial Literacy in Minority Communities

Posted at 8:34 AM, Feb 13, 2024

Financial professional James Wilkerson is dedicated to improving financial literacy and success among minority populations. In an interview on Inside South Florida, Wilkerson shared his perspectives and passion for addressing financial illiteracy within black and brown communities.

Wilkerson emphasized the prevalence of financial illiteracy among minorities and stressed the urgent need for change. He underscored the importance of understanding fundamental financial concepts, noting that literacy in this area could significantly impact individuals' lives. Despite the desire for financial improvement, many lack the necessary knowledge to achieve it.

One of the primary challenges Wilkerson faces is the reluctance of families to seek financial guidance. Many have never had substantial financial resources and are hesitant to seek advice on managing their newfound wealth. Wilkerson stressed the importance of comprehensive financial planning, which includes debt management, saving, investing, and asset protection.

To enhance their financial well-being, Wilkerson emphasized the importance of education and informed decision-making. He highlighted the need for adequate protection against unexpected events like illness or job loss and the value of prudent saving and investing.

Wilkerson's advice for initiating the journey toward financial success is straightforward: take action today. He encouraged individuals to overcome procrastination and begin saving and investing, no matter how small the initial contribution. Even modest savings, when started early and maintained consistently, can grow over time and lay the groundwork for future financial security.

As Wilkerson succinctly put it, "We teach people how money works." Through his expertise and commitment, he aims to empower individuals in minority communities to take charge of their financial futures and cultivate lasting prosperity.

For those seeking further information or assistance, Wilkerson can be contacted through his website at

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