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Nutritional Supplements for Pet Health

Posted at 6:00 PM, Feb 07, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-07 18:00:01-05

Jeff Riman and Lynnette Sanmiguel, the founders and owners of King Kanine, recently joined Inside South Florida to shed light on the importance of essential nutrients for dogs' overall health and wellness.

Their mission at King Kanine is to formulate products that offer multiple benefits for dogs, akin to a comprehensive multivitamin combined with probiotics.

"Dogs are a lot more athletic than we think. They're a lot more active than we think. They're always on the go. So having quality nutrients, quality nutrition, just like an athlete would want to have premium fuel in theri body, we really need to think that way for a dog," emphasizes Riman.

Highlighting the necessity of supplements for our energetic companions, Sanmiguel underscores the significance of specific probiotics and mushrooms for maintaining optimal gut health in dogs. She advises consulting a veterinarian for tailored prescriptions. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of focusing on phytonutrients, green-lipped mussels, microalgae, and mushrooms to bolster cognitive function, digestive health, energy levels, immunity, and joint support in dogs.

"Consider their lifespan obviously goes much faster than ours. You can tell if your dog’s coat is not healthy or shiny, if they're getting up a little slower, they're lethargic, their walks are not as fast as they used to - that is an animal that does need supplementation," explains Sanmiguel.

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