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WSFL-TV Trusted Advisor, Demesmin and Dover Law Firm, has tips to avoid car accidents in heavy rain

Posted at 4:19 PM, Jul 21, 2022

South Florida’s weather is unpredictable. One moment there are clear and sunny skies, and the next moment you’re seeking shelter from a torrential downpour. WSFL-TV Trusted Advisors, Victor Demesmin Jr., and Jeremy Dover, joined Inside South Florida to share tips to reduce the risk of having a car accident when driving in heavy rain.

“If you can stay off the road and don't have somewhere to go, there's no need to go out. If you're stuck on the road, make sure you are going the appropriate speed, at which you can see in front of you and can stop,” says Dover. “You should also make sure your headlights are on. Also, if you are driving in an area that has extremely low visibility, make sure you turn your hazard lights on.”

It is no longer illegal to drive with your hazardous lights flashing during a rainstorm.

“Before last year, it was illegal to drive with hazardous lights on in the rain,” says Dover. “Florida passed a law on July 1st of last year that actually allows you to do so. You have to be driving over 55 miles an hour, and it has to be during a period of extremely low visibility.”

The first minutes of a shower may be the most dangerous and can contribute to an accident.

“The first five or 10 minutes of rain is when the oil comes up from the ground and it's the most slippery. People don't realize this and think I can drive the same way I do all the time,” says Dover. “That's how they end up causing accidents. You have to be careful.”

If you are involved in a car accident, there are steps you should take before leaving the scene.

“We still say call the police and file a police report. You should make sure everybody's safe,” says Demesmin. “If anyone needs medical attention, they can take care of them at the scene of the accident.”

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