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World's oldest man says secret to longevity is 'pure luck'

John Alfred Tinniswood — born in Liverpool, England in 1912 — turned 111 years and 224 days-old on April 6, 2024.
World's oldest man says secret to longevity is 'pure luck'
Posted at 2:24 PM, Apr 06, 2024

Guinness World Records has verified that the oldest living man in the world is now 111-year-old John Alfred Tinniswood of England. 

Tinniswood was born in Liverpool the year the infamous "Titanic" ship sank in 1912. 

Born on August 26 of that year, he turned exactly 111 years and 224 days old on April 6 of this year. 

A Guinness World Records official traveled to the town of Southport, where Tinniswood lives, to present him with a certificate and ask him more about his storied life. 

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Tinniswood says he is still able to perform most of his daily tasks on his own and can get out of bed without assistance. 

He enjoys managing his own finances and listening to the news. 

After the death of Juan Vicente Pérez of Venezuela, the previous record holder in the same age category, Tinniswood is now the world's oldest living man. Pérez died this month at 114. 

Tinniswood said, "If you drink too much or you eat too much, or you walk too much — if you do too much of anything — you're going to suffer eventually."

He says he doesn't follow a special diet, but said he does enjoy a portion of battered fish and chips every Friday. He said, "You either live long or you live short, and you can't do much about it."

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