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‘Supergirl’ Adds Odette Annable as New Villain on Season 3

Posted at 2:12 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 14:11:22-04

Supergirl has gotten bigger than we thought with Kara’s teamed up with her famous cousin Clark to battle evil, met and fallen for Mon-El, started a friendship with Lena Luthor, and battled Lena’s mom Lillian, among other things.

With all that in mind, one of the biggest Supergirl surprises in store for Season 3 is the next big bad: Reign.

The DC Comics character will be played on The CW series by Odette Annable. Reign will be the villain of the third season (although, of course, more action is guaranteed).

Reign — first appeared in the New 52 reboot of DC Comics’ “Supergirl” series — is a Worldkiller akin to Doomsday, the famous Superman villain who killed the Man of Steel in 1992. She was taken as an infant by Kryptonian scientists who bestowed her new abilities. In the comics, Reign becomes an enemy of Supergirl when she arrives on Earth with the plan to conquer it.

“Greg and I have wanted to work with Odette for years. We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign,” said executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, on behalf of himself and executive producer Greg Berlanti.

Annable is the latest new star to join “Supergirl,” following former Lois Lane, Teri Hatcher, who played a villain in Season 2, and former Hercules, Kevin Sorbo, who also appeared as a baddie last season.