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Save Your Roof, Save Up To 80% With Roof Maxx Spray On Your Shingles

Posted at 5:24 PM, Dec 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-14 17:24:26-05

South Florida homeowners have survived another hot summer and an active hurricane season, so how is your roof doing? Our Kirk Gimenez spoke with Mike Feazel, CEO & Co-Founder of Roof Maxx Technologies, to learn about how they can help you extend the life expectancy of your roof without having to replacement. And yes, their service will help you save big!

For more watch our interview. You can also visit their website at [] or call 1-855-RoofMaxx.

Asphalt shingles aren't what they used to be. In fact, they include less asphalt than they once did, so they dry out and fail faster than ever before. Fortunately, Roof Maxx's revolutionary new technology uses 100% natural plant based bio-oil to restore shingles' flexibility and instantly add five years of life to a roof. With three treatments possible, once every five years, Roof Maxx adds up to 15 years of added life to your asphalt roof.

Roof Maxx typically costs 15-20% (10-20% for commercial property) of the cost of a roof replacement depending on the size of your roof. For example, if a replacement would cost $10,000, Roof Maxx would cost around $1,500. That’s a lot of savings! The exact cost will depend on the size of your roof.

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